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The Alienated Mind

There is something. In me. Naggin like a sore muscle but I can’t quite point out where and why it aches.

Its just there. Buggin me. In the mind.

Nothing is still working accordingly. All my life balance is in a topsy turvy.

Like today. I got lost in Brussel this morning, then got myself squeezed into the nightmare of every driver – driving straight into a traffic jam, worst of all, in the wrong direction. Wanting to go North, I went South. So I was really really late, my poor colleagues waiting for me (ttterribly sorry!). Last but not least, I managed to screw it up even more by missing the destinated exit and couldn’t find a turn around back. So it ended up with them lookin for me along the highway to Netherlands. I had to drive all that kilometres by myself in the end. I hope I am forgiven :(

I don’t know. Maybe its the negativity that I listen to is seeping thru into me. Or worst, those negativity I constantly spoken about is affecting me.

Pardon me. I should stop talking for a bit. And people, please stop asking.

Winter never fails to turn into spring.

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