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Life Condition

How true it is that how our life condition does really shine thru us. Whether is it negative or positive state. Thru our faces, magnetic vibes, gestures? I don’t know. But somehow it does.

Lately, I’ve not been at my best and I felt that somehow it is also affecting things happening around me. I feel like the environment is reacting negatively towards me. Somehow. Or you can say that things are not going my way. Or my life is not following the flow. Or whatever.

As I checked in into our hotel in Moscow with 2 other colleagues last week, somehow both of them got rooms in the renovated floor of the hotel and for me, I got a crappy room in the lower floor. The bed creaked like its gonna collapse anytime soon. The shower stopped working halfway on the first day and left me in full of foams :S Don’t ask me how I managed thereafter (I just smelled like soap and shampoo)

I also got stopped at the customs. The officer thought I had a fake passport. And he wasn’t friendly at all.

Then I asked to switch seat with another follow passenger in the plane, I get rejected. He agreed when my colleague asked again. I think its the negative vibes I am transmitting. (Normally, I get my way for things. Maybe I am missing the genuine smile)

And I realised I do complain a lot more, I am unhappy with loads more things which usually doesn’t affect me much, I become more petty, cynical, sentitive and critical. And sometimes even paranoia.

Its not good at all.

This weekend will be one to rejuvenate myself. For a new beginning.

One thought on “Life Condition
  • yvboey says:

    Cha boh, hope you’ll be able to rejuvenate over the weekend. Get back the lovely smile that once melted everyone’s heart. 😉

    If you want to have a cup of tea or coffee in antwerp this Sat? I was thinking about going there to buy a new dig camera

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