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The Music Play My Past

I’ve been driving a lot recently. So much that I am not afraid anymore to maneuver about in the narrow streets of Brussels. I have a ‘kosenrufu car’ – that’s what I call it. We’ve been having many late night practises and rehersal so I’ve been sending the girls home thereafter. (otherwise it takes them ages to hop on the metro, trains and busses)

Well, so yesterday, I grabbed a few CDs from my long forgetten CD box. (who still need CDs! Its Ipod era now – but I’ve lost mine… boohoo)

Anyway, I listened to Air Supply. Oh my, how it transformed me to the past. Listening to ‘Goodbye’ brought me back the good ol memories. Those moments just before I left my hometown to venture the world and never have returned to live there again (yet!). My besties sang that song to me in the little quaint Cheers! pub in our hometown. It was also the first time I got really drunk and discover I am allergic to alcohol. (i’ve overcome that now, obvioiusly) Did you remember all that, girls?

It amazes me how much music can etch my past. Listening to it, I relive my past in my mind.

I’ve also got the track on Joni Mitchell which brings me back to the journey in NZ. Those lovely long drives along the beautiful alleys which made me felt like I am travelling in the middle of the earth, at the core. Of course, in reality, my surrounding now is the flat plains of Brussels.

Sometimes, the music brings me sadness too. Those were the times when I will switch them off and tune back into the rocking house music of TopRadio (A flemish radio station in Belgium)

Anyway, I am always happily singing along obliviously in my car. I think that can be quite a sight, ain’t it?

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