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Kotekitai In Zinneke

So, there again, another accidental involvement for me :)

This will be the first ever involvement for SGI Belgium in a community event in Belgium. This is a very significant moment, an important step for kosenrufu in Belgium and I am really proud to be part of it!

Kotekitai Belgium was invited to participate in the Zinneke Parade 2008. It is a sort of Brussels City parade held each year. As the Kotekitai here is just a very small group (only 11), they needed more people urgently – so I was summoned… eventhough I had not touch the fife for more than 15 years. But I suprised myself, I can still play it though with very stiff fingers, very slow chord readings (I have to count them – c, d, e, f, g, a, b, c…) and lots of encouragement from others. Ok, don’t laugh, am really gonna try to bring out that musician in me.

So, we will be a part of the act of Wagenya – an african inspired project. Its depicting the lives of fishermen, living by the river bank in a town called Wagenya, Congo. The long river with a twist such as snake plays an important role as the source of water for the people. So the entire performance is themed around water, mythology and culture.

So, we, the Kotekitai will be playing 4 songs, basically to give the melody to the choir group. We have also dancers and an African percussion group making up the whole troop.


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