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It Is Written There

Ooh, I had a lovely day or rather a very lovely evening (How lovely can it be at work? LOL) Well, first I heard of some really cool news about my bro in Sdyney – read it here.

In the evening, I went for a quickie chanting with Kathy in her new place and then spontaneously, just trying my luck, to catch a seat in Zan Yamashita’s play tonight. (The very last show!) Its actually stated as a dance performance but I thought it was more in between. Well, I was put on waiting list because the tickets were sold out so I went by myself to enjoy a good meal of Phad Thai with a beer in a little cafe around the corner, sitting outdoor. It was marvelous! I was amazed with myself how I can enjoy being with me. I didn’t feel weird at all, nor uncomfortable because there was no one staring or I just couldn’t be bothered.

Oh, of course I got my ticket for the show.


It Is Written There – Zan Yamashita

Dance – Tokyo (I would say its more of a dance ensemble)

The work of Zan is based on the principle of art of discontinuity – therefore, he avoids the harmony of beautiful moving bodies. In this piece, he uses language as a primary element to disrupt the continuity of performance. Also, it gives the audience a sense of participation in an experimental space where language and dance combines.

Upon entry, we were given a booklet (quite a huge one) – we get to pick the colour of the covers, blue, brown or white. I hesitated, picked the white and last minute swapped for the blue (Yea, that fickle-minded me). There’s 100 pages in this booklet. Each one numbered. Some pages are empty – signifies emptiness or silence or whatever fills your mind. Most pages contains words, short phrases, diagrams, dialogues, fragment of stories, scribbles, journal entries etc. Its just like a diary of someone. All that is contained in these pages works as hints or instructions to the dancers.

It was VERY interesting. I love it!

For one, it strikes how amazingly the dancers remember every movements that correlate to a page. 100 pages! Imagine!

Secondly, it just struck me how the entire performance gave a nostalgic feeling of how you would feel reading someone’s diary and trying to feel what was written. And indeed all those feelings are what that is performed by the dancers.

Just to share a few parts which I liked.

Page 65 was filled with words so the audiences get to pick 3 words so in our show the words picked were – Michael Jackson, Let’s Flamenco and Fount it! And the solo dancer did a short choreography with those 3 words.

From page 60 to 52, in every page appears a word – take off, landing, bus, seaside, cape, beach… emptiness on stage, just listening. Listening to the flight announcements, the bus ride, soothing sound of the waves – somehow it was very tantalizing to the senses. I think we do take for granted to the noises music in our lives.

In page 21, there was the word STAR. With my very rigid sense of creativeness, I thought they are all gonna do the star pose but we were caught by suprise! The lights came up strongly for a second and then pure black darkness. The word STAR and stars shines luminously from our pages. LOL, that was fun.

The one I particularly liked was the last bit, page 5 – 2 was journal entry of a person. One entry about feeling happy for his friend who is getting married, another about watching the snow falling, then sadness because his company is closing down and lastly some thoughts about life. A dancer portrayed all these feelings thru the gesture of throwing confetti in different ways. It was a beautiful scene! The words, my feelings and the scene was one.

This is actually part of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts held in Brussels for 3 weeks every May. It brings together some 30 works of art – both theatrical and visual by local and foreign artists. I am gonna check out for more to see!

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