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Timeless in Paris

I was in Paris for the weekend to see a dear friend. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend. Not to mention all the food and drinks and calories we consumed and also the photography galore, I’ve also felt relax, lazy and also a tinge of empowerment. Empowerment to be independent.

What I had hesitated in the beginning was to drive us – me and a girlfriend who had agreed to come along, the whole 3hours to Paris in my car with the engine oil indicator blinking. Well, so along the way, with a hand on the car manual, I stopped by a petrol station, tried my best to figure out the right oil to buy, the right hole to insert the oil and to read the indicator on the test stick correctly. Well, I guess I did it right as we survived the trip!

Now, I feel like there is no boundaries to where I can bring me.

What was nice about the trip was that we did nothing much, except doing what we felt like doing at the moment of time.

We ate whenever we felt like it, we drank like there is no tomorrow, we danced like no one’s watching, we slept till our hearts content, we walked wherever the path brings us, we watched people parading their colourful summer clothes, we chatted late into the nights, we nibbled junkfood in the morning…

I love it especially when we spent sometime lazing on the green grass in a park somewhere in the midst of Paris, feeling the sun bronzing our skins yet the coolness of the grass is soothing, smelling the colourful blooming little wild flowers, listening to the childrens screaming of joy as their parents swing them high and admiring the natural wallpaper of branches and its new leaves against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Mmm, it was bliss!

The unofficial theme of the day was “Street Photography” (Part of the experimental photography project in my head – and it only stays in my head as I think my skills are still too amateuristic) So basically, with each a camera in hand, we took hundreds of pictures of everything. People. Street signs. Feets. Hands. Faces. Trees. Buses. Monuments. Buildings. LV. Grass. Flowers. Children. G. J. And me.

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