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Journey to the 3

Its been a while since I wrote. No inspirations came to me.

But today, I had plenty of thoughts. And tonnes of aspirations popping in my mind.

For a start, I would like to revamp my blog (yes, again!). I would like to record and share my thoughts and views about my little journey in my Big-3 era. Day-to-day stuffs, you know. I don’t know if it will be boring… but its for meself! :) Btw, I am seriously considering a new beginning…

The other project is to do a joint blog with my bestie. But that is top secret project.

Wanna really make an effort to start doing serious photography and master photoshop since now spring has really started, its good timing because there is many things I can capture on.

I’d like to get into an MBA program this year! (Notice the ‘get into’ because then only I try will figure out how to support poor me there)

I would really like to write more, but first I need to broaden my scope of vocabs and learn to write in a more flowery or do you say, artistic manner.

Bah, hangat hangat tahi ayam lagi lagi…

2 thoughts on “Journey to the 3
  • harpylistens says:

    make sure u hangat the tahi until its cooked. does hangat mean burn by the way???

  • lionel says:

    ah la….selalu hangat hangat tahi ayam… but once u break tru tis spell… u’ll b fine…
    i wanna get my own .com also… but will be my winter break project as it has already been listed in my winter to do list :)

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