I've got the sun in my eyes


The Lamp Post Story

Well, after lotsa serious stuffs, let me tell you about THAT day and how I gotten one side of my face a little bit swollen but hurting like hell.

So, last week was that very stressful week trying to recover things and sort things out, I was up for any invitation. To a cinema, yes! To a drink, YES! 

After a couple of beers at Model Boy’s bachelor’s pad, we decided that we were all famished and got ready to head out to a nice cosy restaurant. I think I got really excited and animated that I walked myself into a lamp post, with my face facing towards west.

So there, I got one side of my face banged and bruised.

But my pride hurted a hell lots more.

I blame it on being traumatised by all that is happening around me.

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