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The Italian Discussion Meet

I would say the discussion went pretty well, though everyone had to speak thru the interpreter, Barbara.

The thing that strikes me the most are the realisation I went thru while trying my best to answer to their curious questions.

First, a dynamic and powerful gongyo together. (I did my evening gongyo twice that day!)

We started off by a brief introduction and telling of how we met this wonderful buddhism. Round table.

It still amazes me how the buddhism, from the far east is being encountered, practise continously and propagated by these vibrant Italian members. Or speak about all the people in Europe. I find it intriguing and often that is my first question to ask. How did you meet. Why do you continue. (I hope its not rude nor too imposing on personal details)

Then they asked us 3 questions:

1) How did you prepare yourself to join the 3.16 in Milano?

For me, I would admit I didnt prepare or should I say the preparation came naturally. Just before 3.16, I had countless of struggles. Everything just came on me at the same time. I was quite down and depressed therefore I was too preoocupied to overcome them. Good thing was that I chanted A LOT during those times. And read and read endlessly. So that was my preparation! My faith was re-enforced with all the happenings around me.

2) How do you feel about mentor & disciple spirit?

Honestly, I never thought about this before. And now that I think about it, Sensei has always been there in my life. Ever since I was a child. I’ve read countless of his books, I’ve heard countless times about him, I’ve seen his pictures since he was much younger. Now, it just hit me that one day, he may not be there anymore. I’ve taken so much for granted!

But its not yet too late to think about it. For now, I believe I have already a foundation built ever since I started chanting (still need to continue refining of course!) but what I have realise now is how do I become a true disciple! I’ve benefited so much from this buddhism and formed my thoughts, personality and characteristics or even my life based on this wonderful philopsophy of life. And much of it is from the derivations of Sensei and his thoughts. From reading his books. From listening to the lectures. From everything.

Now, how do I continue what he has done? For me, that is the spirit of mentor and disciple. The want of continuing the admirable works of your mentor. Making his dream come true. Bringing his vision to reality.

For now, I still do not know what I can do. (For a tiny voice in me tells me I cannot do as what he has done. Commendable!) Nevertheless I will try now day by day to do it in my little ways till I find my foot in one day doing the great big things I’ve always dreamt of.

Bringing difference to one more life for happiness is the joy in others.

3) How do you feel as a child who grew up in the SGI environment? (This question is just for me, asked by a lady who just had her first boy, Gabriel Naoki)

There were many moments for me. When I was a child, I enjoyed tremendously the children activities. Singing songs, playing games, meeting friends. Then there were times when it was a drag especially to wake up in the morning of each Sunday at 7am to go for my Kotekitai (Fife & Drum Corps) practises under the hot scorching sun. But my parents, especially my dad, never force us but never gave up either. He was a really patient man in these cases, for he had to wake up earlier than us, make breakfast, pick the rest of girls, drive us there and send us back. Never once complaining and never once pushing us with force. Once a while, he lets us sleep on – skip it once and the following week, he’ll try again to encourage us to go for the training.

But those were the days, when little did I know, the way of thoughts, the measure of strengths and the nature of positivity was engraved in me.

Because if its not for those engravings, I wouldn’t think I would fit to go through my life as it is. Encountering one big obstacles after another. Emerging with victories in my little own life. I wouldn’t think I would be able to do all of it.

So now looking back, I truly appreciate the patience and faith my parents had in this buddhism as well as in us.

The buddhist practise is a big part of my life. In fact, my life is the buddhist practise. Each day and everyday.

And I truly believe it is the best ground for the education of a child.

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