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The Malaysian Goose Chase

Man, this is really testing my patience.

The Malaysian Embassy in Belgium advised me that the fastest way to get a new passport is to do it via London. So I had to prepare a bank draft of 100 pounds for that.

Meanwhile, a hunch in me told me to call up the Malaysian Embassy in London to double triple check. And they just told me that its not possible for them to process a lost passport request in London. It all has to be sent back to Malaysia for investigation. And it takes 3 months altogether. Normally.


So what do I do with my bank draft now?

2 thoughts on “The Malaysian Goose Chase
  • Nelly says:

    Sorry to hear bout your passport. Cash back your bank draft. Even if to renew passport in States, it still take 3 long months. The best way? Get a one way passport, go home and make one. It’s super fast. But be sure to get all police documents and any documents you submitted and received from embassy. This will serve as a proof when you’re in Malaysia facing those annoying immi officers with their stupid questions. Good luck babe!

  • Ms Teh says:

    Thanks, but its so trying…

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