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Kite Runner, The Movie

Remember I wrote about the book which was so captivating that I read it straight up within 8 hours – Kite Runner.

I caught the movie with a girlfriend from work last night. And it blew me off. Blew many others off too. There was much sniffings going on around me. My friend, she didnt yet read the book but the movie has moved her deeply.

There was no famous actor or actress (or its just I do not know of them!), most of the dialogues were conducted in Arabic (sounds like to me!) and the subtitles are only in French or Flemish (Belgian cinema!) – but still it wrecked up a whole lot of emotions within me. Just like reading the book.

The book was better though.

In the movie, I love the smile of the boy, Hassan. A whole lot of contentment in that toothless smile.

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