I've got the sun in my eyes



Its one of those days, where you have no time to pack your bag and just stuff everything in it hoping you might not be missing anything.

Then I lost everything of me.

Ironically, just an hour before that, I was rambling to a girlfriend of how lucky I am to have nice friends who spoils me in the past years with many many nice things.

These things are priceless. All lost in a single night. (Sorry my dear friends, I did really treasure everything – that’s why everything has always been carried about close to me)

The list is endless. The police told us that we broke the record of number of stolen things.

Most of all, my passport.

Oh dear, I’ll really pray for a kind soul to return it to me.

How it happened? I guess, they were eyeing on us, the naive fools who took off the jackets, scarfs (yes, they took them all!) and bags and placed them into the “safe haven”, the trunk of our car. We were a happy bunch, chatting and laughing and being really ignorant about the surrounding. Well, this is how I wish life on earth is true – peace and security, except the reality bags us with the evil hearted ones, or sympathetically, the desperate ones…

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