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Getting Ready to Celebrate!

Every Chinese household will busy themselves at the beginning of each year to prepare for the coming of the lunar new year. (Not New Year’s Day) Usually it falls between Jan and Feb.

Few weeks before that big event, everyone goes on a shopping frenzy for new clothes (sometimes even new pajames and undies!), new hairdo, facial, manicure, pedicure, stocking up goodies, cookies, drinks, spring cleaning and decorating the homes to welcome relatives and friends.

Or at least in Malaysia, this is what we do.

Few moments captured of my mom’s efforts.

At the big door – a RED welcome!


There will certainly be ‘Mandarin’ oranges everywhere. We bring it along with us during visitations. Supposedly to be exchanged but this year I learnt that only married people needs to do that. Traditions get confused over the years and ears.

Btw, my mom even dressed up the tissuebox and put up fake cherry blossoms.



And my efforts – painting the walls. Not an easy job, I tell you 😀


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