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Samba in Rio


No, I didn’t actually find time for samba in Rio. How unfortunately! I would have love to shake my ass with some hot Latinos.

I was in Rio de Janeiro last Dec 2007… for work as usual!

Our schedule was full except for the last day, en route to the airport. We had 3 hours to spare and managed to catch a very brief glimpse of Rio – Copabacana, Ipanema, Macarana (see from far only!) and Jesus (“Christo Redentor”).

Some of my favourite shots :)


Oh yea, I also met Dunga while I was there. To be honest, I didn’t know who he was but there was so many guys drooling over him and getting all excited for a picture with him, so I thought I shouldn’t miss the chance as well. Kiasu-ism!

Dunga is a Brazilian former football defensive midfielder, of Italian and German descent and a World Champion for Brazil in 1994 World Cup. He is now the national coach of the Brazilian national team.


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