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A Light to Chant

On February 2, 2008 we held our YWD General Meeting for Union Chapter. It is the “Year of Capable People & Development” (I am not sure if this is an accurate translation from French though. Sounds a bit odd to me)

As I am not YET profienct in any local languages, I was not able to contribute much in the topics, discussion or mc-ing so I thought I could make use of my hands instead. Therefore, I volunteered to make souvinirs to commemorate the meeting.

I discovered the joy of making things. I guess it runs in my blood as my mom was very good with her hands as well.

Each one uniquely cut, pasted, colour-matched and hand-sown.

Thanks to Mr D who helped to source the materials from everywhere due to time contraints (by the way, that explains for the odd purple and orange colour). And my colleagues who gave me the idea for the final touch!



Btw, its not for lighting your ciggs!

I am so excited for the upcoming 3.16 BIG meeting of all European Youth in Milan!

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