I've got the sun in my eyes


Pei Sze

Just another Saturday night where I sat here in my favourite corner browsing around the net. I recalled of the flickr pages of my dear friend, Pei Sze. Looking at them makes me miss her so much. I wish she is still there to pick up my call when I call. To listen. To chat. To share. Or just to laugh at our silly jokes.

I still remember how her skin felt, her smell and her small wrist which I could circle my fingers around.

Looking at her pictures not only reminds me of her exuberant smile, but also reminds me of the fragility of life and never when we know is the last of our moments so treasure our lives, treasure every moment. Looking at her pictures, filled with so much love she shared with her husband. It is priceless eventhough it was brief. Some of us who lives on still ain’t there yet.

Miss you still.

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