I've got the sun in my eyes



I am at a crossroad. Its funny how all things fall onto your lap at the same time.

Love, work, self.

I may (or may not) have a new job. Which my instinct tells me to go towards. But I am not sure. So I will just keep the door open and let the opportunity fly in if its meant for me.

They tell me, its like that when you vow for kosenrufu. You will go thru a labyrinth, finding your way, finally finding yourself and happiness. Then sharing joy. I think I wiill SHOULD start with by making friends with my young women.

There must be some reason why our paths crosses. Why we are webbed into this puzzle of life. Why at this moment, I am here, you are here and you are in my district. So I must make friends first. Get to know. Then flow along life together…

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