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Kite Runner

kiterunner.jpgI completed my read in 8 hours.

Record breaking!

The story is so captivating that I couldn’t put the book down. Yes, it was one of those Saturdays. And I weeped shamelessly while reading.

It is really heart wrenching and the story is so well written. I could feel every pain, shame, love, loyalty, sacrifies and significance in each and every word.

The story goes about a boy who grew up running away from a terrible secret, from people he loves. Returning years later, only to understand everything about his life and have a final chance to make things right.

Its one of the books selected for reading in the book club I joined here. Well, many book club meetings after (where I was only at the very first one!), I am trying now to catch up on the readings.

Besides, I’ve just returned from New York. So I took the opportunity when I was there to grab many many books because 1. English Books everywhere 2. Weak USD (Hehehe)

But I just realised Amazon is a better bargain. Damn!

5 thoughts on “Kite Runner
  • Nelly says:

    You should gimme a call next time you are in States!!!

  • Ms Teh says:

    Ah what a dude I am! And I’ve been thinking so hard who I am missing in States!

    Next time k, Nelly!

  • Yit Mei says:

    I am so glad we went to the bookstore and bought this book. Thank you for introducing this to me. I had enjoyed it so much that it’s so difficult for me to put it down. No wonder you read it within 8 hours. I checked on the web for it’s movie. So looking fwd to watch it.

  • Ms Teh says:

    Its so good he!

    I haven’t started on my fortune telling books yet! Hehehe.

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