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Silent Nights

Merry Christmas to everyone! Sorry that I have not been about much – blame it on the travelling, also the inspirations didnt come on to me. Well, I have not really been in the right fit – in body and mind. But I hope to do better and my best for 2008!!! I really wanna do!!! I really want to be absolutely happy! And inspire others too :)

But still I would like to wish everyone a super super Merry Christmas – even if you do not celebrate Christmas (like me), do enjoy the vibes of festivity, city lights, merry people and of course, the long weekend!

Life has not exactly been at the highest peak, so I do apologise if I had not remembered to send my wishes to you personally – my mind is too preoccupied but never doubt that you are not in my thoughts, just sometimes I can’t focus on things too well.

Oh yea, I have recently received a very very precious gift – a POEM which came with an iPod Classic 80g Black (yep, the iPod is expensive but the poem is invaluable!)

A girl from Klang came into my life,

Shared with me that everything on earth is part of the incredibility of life…

and that it is always there for me to take of its joy.

And engraved on the iPod itself – To the gal who changed my life, Jaymy

Its from a friend, who was an ex-colleague whom through a coincidental encounter (by the cover of a book), I had the opportunity to share with the philopsophy which I base my life on – the greatness of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism.

Then as he decides to try, there was the countless ups and downs, trials and doubts – like how life would be, only to be embrace with faith and courage, then the true joy of living is understood. Though there were many moments where I was worried too and sometimes even doubted.

But this poem which I received is a gift of a lifetime, something I will never forget and at this moment of darkness, it serves as a reminder which illuminates the path for me – to keep believing in myself, my believes and my goodwills.

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