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Looking Back In Time

Just re-reading my archives of last Dec/ Jan, the mood was certainly much upbeat. What has changed then till now?

I keep on wondering. But like my bestie says to me, no logics will find you the answer, for once try chanting for my happiness, the path will show you its way

So apart from work which is going really great and I treasure this opportunity of a lifetime to be able to jetset, put my feet on, breathe in and see almost every corner of our world, I did nothing much this year. Well, if I look at my determinations for 2007, I am really faring poorly…

Good news is that I am still learning Flemish and French (the determination is still there!) Still a mute in these languages but at least now I can follow conversations and read simple signage.

My 350D is taking vacation with my brother so you can imagine what progress I did with it yet 😛

I did try to cook but I fare better as an instructor so… But I did make my first muffins.

Still over 55kg :-/

I know I know, I am really bad at keeping in touch. I will try harder next year (that’s the spirit!)

Yikes, that enough to review. But honestly, writing to myself here (maybe someone out there finds my writings interesting as well?) makes me feel whole load better! And I am really looking forward to a NEW year – 2008!

The only Christmas gift I received (which mind you, arrived at the very right moment – just on Christmas’ Eve) is from my bestie from Down Under. One is a cute handcrafted journal (for those who knows me well, I have a knack for notebooks) and another is a tank top – cheery bright blue shouting the following words – never never never give up <lorna jane>

Thank you, LittleCreature! I will wear this to countdown and welcome the new year with big hopes, great dreams and absolute happiness in London! Yes, I am going to London again 😀

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