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Dec 13-14, 2007


I don’t know if I am lucky or not. But well, I try to enjoy every tiniest minute eventhough I am quite tired out by all the jetsetting this week.

I was just in Berne, Switzerland last 2 days. Pretty hectic 2 days I would say cuz I flew in direct from Johannesburg to attend an important one day meeting with the team in Berne. Stresss cuz I need to prepare my materials!!!

Still, as I touched down at 6am, groggy as can be, managed to catch the RIGHT train from Zurich to Berne (and wise enough to buy a return ticket cuz I almost missed my flight on the way back – no minutes to spare) and stepped into the best 4 boutique hotel of Switzerland :) What can I say!

I have the most breathtaking view out of the windows over looking the mountains and unbelievably blueish green river. So scenic! Such beauty!

To add on to the whole ambience, the taxi I rode to the office – while transversing along the lanes of this wonderful city, playing classical music on the back – what can complement better!

Man, these are the moments I enjoy most during my travel. Priceless!

Let’s not talk about the hours and endless hours of meeting thereafter…

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