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Nov 26-30, 2007


I had to also pass by Dubai for another hectic working week with the team there. We needed to brainstorm on our action plans for next year. But it was fruitful!

Dubai is what they call the “Transit City”. Almost everyone whom I managed to have a chat with told me that ‘its just a few year here’. Its lovely place, mind you not.

A little too perfect for me – it amazes how everything immaculately sculptured. Of course, I’ve heard there are the places where the poor or uhm, slaves lives – but those are the places hidden from us, tourist!

My work places is situated next to oasis of palm trees and a very clean lake – where kicking fishes swims round and round. I am always amaze at the surrounding, at the landscaped surrounding – immaculate. Everything is too perfect to superficiality.

I have not yet started on the Emirates Place – grandest and HUGE (mind you, HUGE) shopping centre with its own built-in ski slopes with even 4-seater-ski-lift. And row and row of maserati, porche, ferrari lining up the front to add on the grandeurness.

Well, it was a short trip, I cant say much except that this is a buzzling city, growing at an amazing rate and I wouldnt mind working there a couple of year – my transit years (if there are still left LOL)

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