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One of the interesting places I visited in the last months was Iceland.

Yes, the land where we imagined live only eskimos in their iglos with polar bears, reindeer sleighs, huskies and whiteness everywhere.

Well, from above, it was a beautiful sight. The reflection of the sun rays on the plates of ice on the sea creates a golden glittering effect.

I had only my compact cam with me so I couldn’t capture the best of it but I hope you get the idea :)

Upon arrival, I discovered Iceland was ICE-less. Well, they have certains parts filled with glaciers but where it is populated, there is definately not a place covered by ice nor snow. Yes, they hardly have snow. I couldn’t believe it! Imagine how mislead have we all been. Someone even cracked a joke that they misnamed the two places – Iceland and Greenland. It should have been vice versa!

Look at the pretty row of colourful houses.


It has a population of about 313,000 and a total area of 103,000 km². Its capital and largest city is Reykavik. Yes, very small BUT it is one of the most developed country in the world and is among the most prosperous countries too. How? Fishing, Finance and Services.

I ate many meals of fishes. Seafood overload! If you are ever there, I will recommend a very good restaurant. I felt like I was going to dinner in the home of someone, quaintly furnished and the food was terrific. So terrific that I forgot to take any pictures or to get the name down. Though, I can clearly remember the way there, not far from the first ever Parliment building in the world.

Two things that amazes me. First, due to its location on the meeting point of the two plate (I think its refered too as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge), Iceland is volcanically and geologically active on a large scale. And this brings to Iceland endless supply of natural gas. Therefore, the Icelandic population uses natural gas to heat their homes, water, industries etc. They are such experts in this that now their services in this is sought after.

Lava, lava, lava everywhere. The landscape is barren but to me, it creates a scenic beauty of another kind.


Secondly, it is possible to go to the point where the two plates meet! Apparently it is always moving but not visible to our eyes. Between the plates, there is a deep space into the center of the earth :-) It was said that if one dares to venture, he may resurface somewhere in China. I’d just like to see that place!

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