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Me, the Jetsetter

In the coming weeks, I will be away A LOT. Can’t say I am dreading it cuz I am really excited to be back in the humid hot buzzing land, Singapore! Wohoo, I can’t describe all the scenes which is zapping thru my mind these days. Places. Food. Friends. I can almost smell those familiar smell that signifies certain place or food or even persons.

Anyway, before I land and start moving about like the old times, (half-boiled eggs n toast breakfast, lunch in Golden Mile, Starbucks Coffee, Harry’s, Zion, Newton, Sushi Tei, Black Pepper Crab) I need to work. Yea, tight (crazy) schedule coming up.

Denmark – Sweden – Iceland – Macau – Singapore – Malaysia – Dubai – Brazil – Switzerland

So friends, be gentle with me.

One thought on “Me, the Jetsetter
  • Nelly says:

    Holy crap! That’s a lot of flying!!! Don’t forget collect your milleage honey!!! Plenty of free tickets there 😉

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