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A Typical Belgian Dinner

Well, well, well, time flies. I have been in Belgium for 1 year 5 months already!

I would say that adapting wasn’t that difficult after all. There has been and still are many challenges (e.g. languages, weather etc) but so far, I have been coping along and moving with the flow quite well. Luckily, my appetite does agree with the Belgian cuisines though once a while, I do crave for a nice steamy bowl of noddle soup!

Here’s one typical dinner menu!

Fresh buy from the weekly Saturday morning market (may look funny or sometimes obscene but they taste heavenly)

The making of mash potatoes (secret recipe!)

Voila! Sausage with sweet long beans and mash potatoes. Yummy!

And since winter is almost here (or already – looking at the erratic weather), we made a HUGE pot of witloof soup so I also had a bowl of witloof soup as accompaniment to the main dish!

I only learn about the witloof since I started living here. I think it is also known as the Belgian endives? Witloof is a winter vegetable. It can be eaten raw in salads, braised or made into soups. And I love it – which ever way it is served. There is a hint of bitter end taste in the witloof. Try it!

I forgot that I wrote about witloof before – so you can see the pictures here.

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