I've got the sun in my eyes


My Name Is Luca

I had a very heavy weekend – unplanned, spontaneous and big fun.

It all started with one innocent after-work-beer. And one thing led to another. We bar-hopped about Brussels, ended up at Jeux d’Hiver. Even had a huge shot of Tequila at some point. AND the whole night, we were singing “My Name is Luca”. And it just kept on playin in my mind. All weekend.

On Saturday, a girlfriend needed some companionship. She cooked dinner for me at my place in exchange. Hehe. Then we headed out to the Asian Night @ SoHo Club. Was just so-so. Then forgetful me managed to lock myself out of the carpark so I had to sleepover at her place. Cosy and nice. She offered her bed and made breakfast. Well, that’s quite a handful of companionship. Hehe.

I guess, most important realization this weekend is that I AM ALIVE! I feel so alive even my dear from Aussie coud feel the vibes through MSN. I believe, my living in Europe so far has in someways cultivated my self-confidence, learn to truly enjoy myself and most importantly being able to express it. And just being myself.

I like that a lot in fact. I like to know that I can make people laugh. So its becoming easier as I can just be myself!

Like what my best friend told me, “yeah..i want to live it. I want to live responsibly, but at the same time live spontaneously. enjoy life, by not basing it on frivolous stuffs, but at the same time not forgetting to really experience life”

Or is it just an evolution towards the BIG 3? Ha!

So, here’s magical song.

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