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Blog Screw Up

I was trying out new stuffs around wordpress and kaboom… smart me first logged myself out and then I tried to recover it by copy some files over to where I thought might give me access again to the html. Then smart me again overwrote the folders and KABOOMED… all my wordpress files were gone.

Took me approx 12 hours with the very old UNIX experience of mine to get it back up and running, close to perfection.

In fact, what I was trying to do was move my blog to www.msteh.com/blog instead of www.msteh.com. Reason for all these twitching is I have the ambition to host my very own full-fledged homepage – blog, photography, etc etc. A real msteh.com.

I think after this sleepless night, I will be damn good in wordpress. Hehehe.

So fellas, wait up for the new msteh.com!


Tonight is the infamous Nuit Blanche (White Night of Brussels). I think I’ll hop on the Expat Brussels’ wagon and check it out!

Meantime, if you would like to check it out virtually – www.nuitblanche07.be

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