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Strong Voices

Today I have been screaming thru my lungs on 2 different occasions over the phone. At work so that makes me the office bitch of the day. But it was not that I got really really mad. I wasn’t. I was just very engaged and determined to get the point over. I guesss, this excitement drives me to be very aggressive?

I am not sure in fact. Should I adopt the ‘tidak-apa’ (couldn’t-care-less) attitude instead? 

My sister told me recently that I am too uptight. So I was just thinking, does being righteous drives me me to become an uptight bitch? :-S

But I read a guidance today, part of it says …the clear, resounding voice that declares truth and justice; the strong voice that refutes evil; the bright, confident voice that tells others about the greatness of this Buddhism; the warm voice that gives encouragement; the sincere, friendly voice that offers praise and words of appreciation to others…

I wasn’t trying to undermine anyone but its just that, I strongly feel that I have to speak out to any injustice or misperception or wrong thoughts…

Maybe I had use the wrong voices? Question is how do I get to play the right voice?

 Then again, I know its never easy to accept to be told that you are wrong.

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