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Stay True To Me

Today was a difficult day at work for I was torn in between – to stay correct or to be ignorant. I know, the certain things (or you call them principles) which I believe in, is pretty trying at times when I really trying to put it in practice. EVEN more trying when knowing others are simply disregarding and doing things to their own selfish desires. Not for the sake of the beloved company (I know it shhounds corny but hey, the company pays our check and it deserves at least our basic commitments and not pure abuses in benefits)

The most difficult part is to shrug away the bad feelings spawned from the actions of others

Can I live and be sheltered (or forced ignorance) from the real world of ugly various human nature? Greed. Stupidity. Hunger.

So, anyway, at the end of the internal-war-fare-filled day, I spoke up. In all honesty. Still I don’t know (but i will expect) what bomb will explode tomorrow. At least, I let out my mind and this eased a lil of my inner consciences.

Still I am not too sure if this is correct (correct as in the sense of sensibliiiest thing to do). Should I had just kept my perimeters to the squares of my desk, screen and keyboard?

Aww I hate the corporate world.

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