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Back To School

Sorry guys, after I have migrated to www.msteh.com, it seems that I could never find time to write! I have lots to share in my mind but life has been too busy 😛

This morning I am at my earliest to work. I had to drop Mr D at the station at 7am. He is going on the longest trip. St Martens – Seattle – Toronto. Bon voyage, dude!

The company has assigned to us a new carpark which is 10-15 mins walk away. Or 20 mins, depending on how large strides you take or whether are you walking with heels. All over Brussels, the cobbler stones that makes up the pathways creates nightmare for walking. All my heels are broken to bits at the edges.

Anyway, I love the morning walk. The slight morning mist, dews on the swishing trees and breath of fresh air!

I walked past a school. One I have never noticed before. (I tend to walk past many things in oblivion) Then it just struck me how much I miss school. I miss going to school. I miss learning. I miss the desk. The classrooms. The lessons. The labs. The breaktime. Classmates. Even the exams.

I wanna go back to school!

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