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Shopping in Delhi

If you are heading to Delhi for a shopping spree soon, here’s a good list of shopping places (recommended by a colleague who is from Delhi). Includes a proposed itinery which I had religiously tried to follow…

Saturday (these places are close on Sundays)

  • Khan Market (Posh Market) – Anokhi (for clothes, home linens), Amrapalli (jewellery), Big Chill(Western by Indian)

I would say Anokhi is a great shop. We spent a great deal of time there. I got myself a white shirt (€10) and a kuta (€10) and 2 small fabric bags (€10). We had lunch at Big Chill,            safe food for day 1. Not so superb but better be safe then sorry.

  • Santushti (Collection of shops owned by wives of the Air Force) – Art, jewellery, leather, pashmina.
  • Sunber Nagar (Rows of antique, jewellery shops) – Silver, gold, semi-precious stones, La Boutique (belongs to a friend of Sid)

I didn’t get anything there. My colleague found herself a pair of antique candle holders which was very nice. But you need patience to dig thru tonnes and tonnes of metal junk. I especially liked the singing bowls but can’t figure out where to place them at home… But the singing (by twirling a woodstick around the brass bowl) has a very soothing effect.

  • Janpath Market (Street Market) – loads of cheap clothes

We missed this because we were overly tired due to the long flight but we discovered it on another morning. Didnt get anything. Loads of clothes from H&M and other brands. Smuggled out from the factories, I suppose. Or defects?


  • Cottage Industry (Emporium) – everything made in India!

You can find everything here. Price is fixed but reasonable with reliable quality. My colleague bought a “coffee-coloured-semi-precious-stone” ring (€30). It has a very nice shape but on a closer look, the cut is rough!

  • Hauzkhas Village (Expat place) – Art galleries, high-end Indian clothings

Ok, we spent plenty of time here. We came here so many times! Well, my colleague is an art fanatico. I didn’t mind to tag along because it was very interesting. Indian art is vast and there are many many emerging, promising and senior artists. And their works are pretty affordable. In the end of the trip, I bought 5 small pieces to make a wall mosaic. I’ll post more later about the artist and India’s art scenes (only about as much as I had learnt in that 1 week).

On another day

  • Connaught Place (Shopping circle) – bookshops, clothes, brands (nike, addidas, etc)

We walked into Pashma and the things there are so beautiful we couldn’t resist. Pashma mainly produces beautifully printed stoles, shawls, tops and sweaters made from pashmina, wool and silk. I splurged on a very beautiful piece of 50/50 pashmina silk stole (€70).

  • Dilli Haat (Tradional crafts stores) – clothes, jewellery, home linens, everything handmade in India.

This is a nice place to come shopping. Its a collection of stores selling handmade stuffs from various parts of India. So lots authentic Indian stuffs, especially if you like for home decor. My colleague bought a very nice hand made white bed cover (€20) – after hard bargain.

We did everything with a hired car which cost us 700 rs per 8 hours/ 80km. If you want the driver’s contact, ask me! Just remember to alway decline to go to the places they recommend because those are real tourist traps and they pay the drivers 25 rs for stopping by.

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