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Moments of Darkness

I think in some ways, one or in another, I somewhat look like a strong person to many who knows me. The truth is, I am just as fragile as any other. My heart is raw. My emotions are fleeting. I am just human.

There are moments in life when I do feel really bad about something which had happened. It hurts. It pained. It crushes me. But thru all these darkness, I hold myself tight and navigate my way to find the light.

As now, I am fighting the darkness. I found what makes me feel good and soothe me is to stand in the shower for hours, water pattering down my face. It is as though the water flushes away all the pain and cleanses away the thoughts.

Thereafter, chanting and chanting and lots of chanting.

I am contemplating vegetarianism for a while.

Though many moments, what I really wanna do is to sleep away. Unconcious to the reality of the world.

2 thoughts on “Moments of Darkness
  • harpy says:

    never be afraid to let urself out! the good and the bad are what we are made of but yet every inch of you, inside and outside is cherished by yourself and others!

  • will says:

    we are in a constant battle, try to stay at middle paths, stay optimistic and focus on bouncing back when we are at the lows.

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