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Tales Of Two Cities

India brings me 2 extremes. Anguish and luxury.

Before, I was a strict principle holder of anti-donation. I believed in teaching people to realise the potentials they have within their lives. Its an empowerment. Like the annotation of teaching one to fish than to give fishes to them. For tomorrow I may not be here anymore and their suffering will not end.

But yet, yesterday as I was walking down the streets in Delhi. Janpath, that is it. Little boys beggin constantly by my side. Some moments, with the heat and noise, I was irritated. In fact, I was a little angry and wished they would leave me alone. For they know they are tugging hard on the soft core of our hearts.

So I said a strong NO.

Yet, the little boy, in all his innocence and poverty didn’t understand the different feelings capable within a person. He wasn’t even insulted, nor perturbed. He just continued pestering me for his poverty is to such extreme, there is nothing else that matters.

Either that, or he is just so innocent. So poor but yet not exposed to the ugliness possible in humanity.

Then at the very next moment, we found the shop we were looking for. We stepped in greeted by gracious hosts, air conditions and beautiful things.

I couldn’t look at nothing. There is just a deep sinking feeling within me.

I was ashamed of myself. If I could think of buying something which is worth 4000 rupees, couldn’t I spare a 50 for the little child? And I was even angry at him. What pomposity have I adopted!

Then again, it colided with my principles of empowering humanity. But part of me argued that life is short, what matters is this very moments. And this is what matters to the little child, will there be a next meal?

So I guess for a short term today, I will bring multiples of 50 rupees to make the next meal of these children. Though what I would like to do is to bring these kids to eat, instead of giving money (Part of me still digress with the idea. It just seems too easy to be good).

Never adults if they are able. For once I heard somewhere of the beggers who rent babies from working mothers to complete scene, to capture the sympathy of others.

What I really want to do is to work among these people. Its impossible for now as I have to work to support my own life.

But I have this crazy idea that I could come here for 2 weeks during my holidays and organise short classes for these children. For at least, they could be expose to believe there lies umlimitless possiblities within their lives.

To be born a begger, doesn’t mean one is doomed to beg forever.

Tell me, my friends, what can we do?

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One thought on “Tales Of Two Cities
  • Amyrantz says:

    I’ve the same experience when I was travelling in Cambodia – children + poverty everywhere I go + corruptions! As traveller, there’s nothing much we can do. The more we give out ($), we are actually encouraging these childrens to think that they should be living in this kind of life. If we dont give…they might be thinking of start working to earn a living… there’s always two side of the coins. :(

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