I've got the sun in my eyes


Kyiv, Ukraine

As I sat in the speeding taxi, on my way to the airport, I reflected on the past 3 days. Moments like this makes me feel great doing what I am doing today. Well, I can’t complain more for now, its a job but yet it gives me lotsa pleasure to see many things in this big world. Going places where I can’t ever imagine I will be.

Of course, the sheer satisfaction is gained from the rigorous meetings crammed over the 3 full days. I am tired but I am happy. We got 2 deals signed and 2 more on the way. Yippee!!!

Oooh, Kiev is a beautiful place. Slow, green, vibrant and breathtaking. And very warm people!

Well, I only had 2 hours spared for a short walk around but with my FX9 in hand!

Once of the many parks in the city. Trees and flowers everywhere.

Typical row of coloured, beautifully architectured buildings. Rows after rows.

St Sophia’s Cathedral. The golden dome is glorious looking, on the backdrop of light blue sky.

I had to post this picture. It depicts a typical scene in the city. Cathedrals after cathedrals with golden domes capture one’s eyes from faraway. Its just breathtaking. In the beginning, I went, “ah, look there” “ah, look here” “ah there also” and then just “ah” “wow” “ah”…

St Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery.

Close up.

Side view.

Another cathedral in the same compound. Ehm, I didn’t had time to check out the name.

A very classical and colourful building which I went “woww… *pause* uhm, look the the junk in the balcony!!!” What a contrast. (But FX9 couldn’t capture the gist of what I saw then)

Maidan Nezalezhnosti. A very vibrant square. I think everyone is meeting up with everyone after work. Below this square, lies a huge underground shopping centre.

Borcsht. Red beet soup. Very very yummy. I couldn’t stop ordering this at every meal. Hehe.

Random people who became friends at the end of a night in a bar. All over a cigar and many beers. What else.

Someone told me that Kiev is almost the ‘mecca’ of the Orthodox Church (not sure if she was referring to one particular cathedral but I couldn’t find any reference in the internet).

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