I've got the sun in my eyes


Walibi, Belgium

I’ve always thought Walibi is a place ONLY for kids. Nevertheless, when a group of friends’ friends was visiting Belgium and wanted very much to go to Walibi, we just hopped along with them.

Well, it was a fairly nice day. The clouds made the sky looked like a huge piece of abstract artwork. Of course, I brought along my weak heart plus my camera to capture the moments.

Not forgeting to mention that the last time I was in a real theme park was probably almost 10 years ago. Never truly a fan. I was once freaked out by the ‘free fall’ ride in Brunei.

In order to skip the crowd, we started the tour clockwise instead. The first ride was called COBRA. Its a roller coaster that went round and round and then went backwards round and round.

No pictures at this point of time cuz admist the initial enthusiasm to start the great day, I was all wobbly and feeling pukey.

Anyway, they dragged me along to take a ‘slow’ adventurous water ride…

Lucky me, I was on the right side where I was spared of the splashing water. Everyone was holding tight cuz it was hell of a bumpy ride.

Ducks by the lake. Actually, its very nice to walk around the entire park. Lotsa trees, scrubs and flowers… ducks.

Small rollercoaster… or more like a ‘chu chu’ train ride.

Ferris Wheel. A must-have in every theme park. Big or small.

American Rollercoaster. This was fun. We took it multiple times 😉

I love this picture! It gives out movements and gayity. For me, this was the most scariest ride I took. Yikes.

Vertigo. A new ride. Very impressive!

Still part of Vertigo.

Uhm, not my cup of tea. Up up up they went.

Down down down they came. Free falling.

Overall, it was quite a nice Sunday except for a brief shower in the late afternoon… We ended the day with another ride on the COBRA. Yea, that ended my day cuz my insides were really turned upside down.

I think we took about 13-15 rides within the 8 hours. Goodness me!

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