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Journey to Trets

Hey people, sorry for being so quiet lately. I have been overwhelmed by work. I’ve been to Milan this week and also have been in the office till 8pm each night. I know, its crazy. I’ve promised myself not to torture me like this but hell, the drive is there now and I can’t stop myself.

I can’t complain that its over torturous either, cause deeply I do enjoy my work a lot now. I work best under high pressure.

That a pressure cooker.

Don’t worry, it will not explode as tomorrow I am off to Trets – the journey of finding me!

Eat Pray Love has been a great book to read just before Trets. Its not related to buddhist greatly but the gist of the book gives me lotsa self reflection and it preps me to high spirit, all ready soar at Trets.

There’s many many phrases and thoughts that struck and relate me deeply. (Don’t have time to share them now).

There’s also many many funnies that made me chuckled out load to myself during my flight to Milan. Heck care if they think I am a bit crazy 😉

Well, the journey of finding oneself is extremely important and that thought strikes me hard. Finding the peace within oneself. Detachment of our happiness to an external factor. Controlling of thoughts, driving away the negative ones.

When one reaches this state, I believe in everything we do, will be at the max potential. Or should I say, one can bloom to his/ her max potential.

Therefore, I keep telling myself I don’t have to tire myself working 12 hours a day (this week is exceptional because I enjoy it), stressing about problems at work, family, home etc. When one find that innate power, what is impossible?

Just need time and wisdom to do it.

I think human stresses too much also because we are too impatient to complete things. If nothing is impossible, why stress – just relax and complete things one by one…

Till I am back renew, take care and kisses…

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  • hornet says:

    …I think human stresse too much.. So true! Hope u had a relaxing weekend with great accomplishment

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