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Her Own Radio Show

Never been able to quite understand the concept of podcast. I guess I am just laggin behind time – still stuck at struggling to load music into my ipod. Don’t even know how paypal works.

Well, all these consumation into the business world gave me no time and should turned me into an almost mechanical immaculate suit and heels chic but still far from that either… sigh.

I wish I have hidden artistic talents. Unfounded and waiting to discover.

But for time being, I’ll let my lil sis steal the show. She is discovering her sides and is shinning them proudly into the world.

Look here – her own radio show!

Can’t read the site as its in hebrew. Its the site of a radio station from Tel Aviv. But the picture tells enough. Can you recognise her in that slightly blurry picture?

Listen, listen, listen people! To HarpyListens.

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