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Moscow, Russia

June 4-7, 2007

Moscow! This vibrant and ever pulsating place gave me several insights during my visit there.

1. The most expensive city in the world. Yes, indeed and it did suprised me, this fact. I’ve always thought its London or New York or Tokyo. So wrong I am. (Also, highest rate of millionaires becoming)

2. Everything there is HUGE. Everything is built to depict grandiosity. Reminds me a lot about Beijing. Not in any terms where the architecture is similar but in the philopsophy behind the potrayal of power and greatness. Communism.

3. No smiles. People are closed up and potrays a fear to speak. Most people just have a blank facial expression. Only towards the evening, when all with a bottle in hand, they are laughing out aloud on the streets.

A very huge and elaborated pedestrian bridge, just in front of my hotel, Radisson SAS at Europe Square (Metro Station : Kievskaya)

Long deep elevators into the ground – Welcome to the Moscow Metro!

Very beautiful Metro Station walk-way.

A world’s most busiest metro system, carrying 7mio passengers daily.

The classic looking metro.

In the metro. This picture gives me a very nostalgic feel.

My dreamy colleague in the metro.

A very popular tea-house in the city centre.

At the beginning of Arbat street. Another enormous building.

Vibrant and lively Arbat Street filled with street vendors, performance, singers, shops, cafes, restaurants and tourists.

Outside the Red Square.

At the northern of the Red Square, where I entered, stood the magnificent building of the State Historical Musuem.

A front view.

“Iberian Gate” – The Ressurection Gate and Chapel.

At the northeast corner of the Red Square stood the Kazan Cathedral.

I couldn’t resist to take shot as I turned back for a moment. What a dramatic natural backdrop.

Breathtaking and cheery Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Moscow is also the most populous city in Europe with an official population of about 15 mio (and unofficially at about 20mio).

A short but very interesting trip!

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