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Summer Love

Summer is almost here!

At the first sight of the sun, the singing of birds begun, greenery everywhere, people alive again, vibrant after months of hibernation.

People everywhere. People busily shopping in the city centre. People sitting at the terraces, a beer in hand and faces looking straight at the beam of the sun. Very often, you can see the endless streams of smoke from the bbq pits chimneying out from the gardens and the tantalizing smell, of course.

People flocking around the lakes. People cycling. People walking in their colours.

This also means the start of endless invitation to bbqs, outdoor cafes, cycling, running, sunning, beach, parties and festival.

Ah, life begins!

First bbq of summer 07 :)

Nicely set table – flowers, candles, nuts, chips, dips, crackers and champagne to begin the evening.

After hours of talking and sipping, finally the food is cooking :)

Well done marinated meat from the butchery, bbq-ed by the host while we still continue talking and sipping our endless wines. Once everything is ready, we all sat down and dinner commences.

Followed by desert. Then coffee or tea. Lastly, a shot or two of after-dinner Finnish liquer.

Food was damn yummy though! (Especially the mediterranean salad!)

I do miss the asian style of bbq – the hustle bustle, chicken wings, fishball, otak, hotdogs (plus taiwan version, mee hoon with curry chicken, hidden beneath the grill – corns and sweet potatoes… Mmm, perhaps this summer, I shall throw an Asian bbq.

Could someone write me the secret recipe to marinate the chicken wings please?

2 thoughts on “Summer Love
  • ping says:

    Well if you can still remember the bbq we had way back in secondary years, you will remember about squeezing lots of juice from crushed onion, garlic & ginger, some dark soy sauce, salt n sugar to taste and pepper. If you want spicy wing, just add some chili powder. Marinate overnight ok :-). Good luck to someone who used to assign this job to someone else!

  • Ms Teh says:

    Muahah, thanks babe!

    I am bad… in the past, I only eat eat eat during bbqs…

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