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Did I tell you yet about my new best friend? Nope, no diamond in sight. It a Mio 510E.

Its a good bargain for all the benefits that comes with it – low price, compact design, easy to operate, accurate, speed camera warning, speed warning and most important of all, it brings me to wherever I want to go!

Though I must say a very smart device needs a smart user also. There was many moments of my fumbling around this device (too lazy to read the manual) that lead me elsewhere, but thank goodness, with a good instinct of mine with Mio’s fast recalculate capability, I managed to get back on track!

Yesterday was day in Brussels for myself. With the guidance of Mio, I managed to go to Aspria for the much needed Dermalogica facial. Then I discovered the parts of Brussels that I am ever confused with – Avenue Louise, Avenue de la Toison d’Or and the Madou area.

I ate lunch, did a bit of shopping and found the highly recommended Japanese noddle bar (and its opening hours) … Alas, it was closed when I was there.

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