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SGIB Trets 2007

Speaking about Trets, it the annual buddhist camp organised by SGI Belgium. It will be held from June 30 – July 4 @ European Cultural Centre which is in Trets, near Marseille (I’ve booked my Thalys tickets!!!)

I’ve just looked at the collection of pictures from the 2007 Trets Course of Holland and I love this particular picture. It gives me a sense of serenity.

I wanna take many pictures of this sort but I do not have a telescopic lens so I guess I have to creep up close to take these kind of picture. I hope I will not scare anyone off hehehe.

The other thing is, I have to accelerate my learning of French or Flemish as that will be the official language used during the camp. I just realised French will be much easier to pick for the much similarity of vocabularies to English. I will listen to Michel Thomas diligently, daily.

I really look forward to Trets!

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