I've got the sun in my eyes


My Canon 350D

I bought a Canon 350D 1.5 years ago. Been shooting with it leisurely and occasionally ><

Here’s one of my leisure composition – ‘Man in the Sun’ :)

I had a dream. I wanted to be a photographer that could take pictures which could touch ones’ heart. Pictures that tell stories. Pictures that hold still time.

Anyway, I had been lazy. As usual.

NOW I have a great opportunity now. In the upcoming SGIB Tret’s course, I have been assigned to be a part of the photography team. We will be capturing the moments during the buddhist course to preserve the memories and also, we will be making a souvinir to be presented to Sensei.

So, finally, I moved my butt and completed my first online course. Its a short and easy intro to DSLR from Canon. Check it out if you are also interested!

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