I've got the sun in my eyes


Let It Be Deeper Than Words

I guess I can be quite domineering at times. In the sense of trying to impose my ideas. Which generally is, that everyone think their ideas are the best.

Nevertheless, I try to constantly remind myself that, I am not the ‘rightest’. Nor the most correct. For I do not stand in the show of others to perceive things the way it is really perceived.

But us, as human beings, we can’t see ourselves, can we? What we only have is the illussion of our physical self thru the reflection in the mirror. Then we can only see that we have a smudge on our face, if there is.

Domineering I may seems to be, but please trust that I only have the best intentions for you. For others. For all. To tell the truth seen with my eyes and heart.

It may not be all correct. But take a minute to breathe it in, ponder and let it go if I was wrong.

As simple as that. But it is also the most difficult to do.

Do the same to me, as I would do to you. With love, of course.

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