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A Basketball Match

Last night, I watched my very first basketball match.

It was qualifying match for Belgium National League, a game between Roya Atomia Brussels vs Spirou Basket Charleroi.

Though, I didn’t know either of both the teams, it was very fast that I got all hyped up, excited and screaming my head off. Hehe. Though there was no cute players to feast my eyes on :(

The crazy supporters throwing toilet paper rolls. Even equipped with their own drummers.

Although my stomach got better of me and we left to eat wanton noodles soup after half-time… hehehe, I learnt a lot about basketball this night!!!

I thought I knew about it all already (since I used to play ‘bola jaring’) but I just found I know nuts! 😉

4 thoughts on “A Basketball Match
  • Ping says:

    Ahh this is cool, I wanna throw toilet paper too. haha

  • Ms Teh says:

    It look nice eh. I didnt realise they were throwing toilet papers until the rolls landed on the ground…

  • SuLee says:

    oh did u see those sexy cheerleaders do their slutty dance during half time??

    I always wanted to go see a basketball match coz of that!!

  • Ms Teh says:

    Muahaha yes, I loved watching them doing their jinglings! That’s when I sit upright most.

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