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All By Myself

Well, if you would have asked me, how has it been lately? I would say, I wish it could have been better. Past weeks has been terrible. And it keeps going etc etc etc.

Perhaps, it is the expectations I started to build on people around me?

I am still pondering about it, why and how do I let this phase pass me by.

It could be due to the fatigue from travelling, or my missing of meds.

I feel very so alone in this world. It is not about loneliness. But I just felt INSIGNIFICANT.

This evening I was sitting in the Waterloo station. A Burger King Whopper in hand. 100 people passing by per min. But I am just invisible. I just watched them. One by one.

A pregnant lady with a beaming face stroking her tummy as she chats her way. A little girl in pink dress, white knee high sock and pink shoes hopping by. A man in suit with a frown, thinking. A girl in filmsy white spagettin boobing away. A man with curly hair watching her boobs. Ladies in groups chatting aloud.

And they just kept passing by. Each in their own lives. Own worlds.

I took the train back to Brussels. I took the taxi back to home. I laid on my bed. Alone.

My phone didnt even beeped for once.

Am I slowly slipping away from this universe?

2 thoughts on “All By Myself
  • SuLee says:

    when i was young, i never needed anyone…ALL BY MYSELF….duwannabe..ALL, BY, Maaii, SELF…ANYMOOOOOREEEEEE~~~~

  • harpylistens says:

    im sorry that i forgot to ring u. I did think of ur safe journey back though

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