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Chinese New Year

I’d just wanna share about Chinese New Year which is a rather important celebration for us Chinese people. I just love it. Its so much fun.

The festivities. The mood. The food.

Well, as every year, my mom takes it in her hands to decorate our house. Our new house btw :) Its very typical – the hampers, the mandarin oranges, lots lots of cookies and the stick-plant where if the white cotton-like balls bloom into flowers means good luck will befall the home. And ours bloomed like crazy!

Reunion dinner on the eve. All home cooked by my mom. Yummy-licious!

The lion dance troop. A must to make helluva of noises. Err means to bring prosperity (I think).

The gallant and colourful lions.

Girls in tradional Chinese dresses – Cheong Sam.

Gambling! May you be lucky to win monies.

More gambling. There were too many people in my house that we lost count of how many.

A very happy uncle. Quite drunk actually. Hehe.

More lions gracing households.

The lions’ funny companion. I don’t know his significance. I think he has something to do with happiness.

Firecrackers. Helluva of noises again. Brings prosperity.

Relatives home visiting each other.

Seeing my lovely god-daughter again!

More relatives from my dad’s side.

A must eat dish during the new year. We have to toss the food as high as possible all together using stickies. The higher = more good fortune.

Lunch and catching up with my best mates. Bah Kut Teh (Stewed Pork with Herbs in Claypot) is one of the best delicacies found in my hometown.

After-dinner-making-funny-faces photo taking with my little niece.

My family! All under one roof!

One of the best parts is that if you are not married, all the older and married ones has to give you red packets which contains monies inside. I collected enough to last me that entire week 😉

Psst, I know the picture quality has not been at its best. Sorry!!! Been too busy eating, I forgot to tune my camera properly.

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