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Carnaval Halle

Ok, time for some funnies!

We went to the carnival of Halle (a town in Belgium) on 24 March 2007.

At the main square :

Me as so called ‘Poison Ivy’ and my cute blond friend visiting from Singapore. The costume was a bit oversize for me and the hair keeps falling over.

The blond nerd ‘Ah-Soh’.

The ‘super size’ cup blond.

Err… evil nun.

Another evil nun.

Some random people I caught on the street. Err, not too sure what she is. Looks like cowgirl + chinese ‘keong si’?

A witch!

Look scary but I don know who.

Mmm. Sexy candy girl.

Sponge Bob! For you, mun!

Oops, I forgot to rotate this picture but I think you can get the picture of whats happening 😉

Couldn’t remember much the rest of the night (drown by the beers) except that I think I saw Ali G and mistaken him for Borat, so I screamed at him, “WANT SOME SEXY TIME?”.

He looked shocked. And all my friends laughed their head off, “Eh, bimbo, that’s Ali G la!”. Oops.

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