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Lost Luggage @ Lisbon

A view out of my hotel window.

I should call myself a hotel traveller I guess :) Cuz I am only having peeks of the cities thru the windows of my room. Well, we can’t see much from this picture except for that spring is FINALLY here (very green!) and the great weather (blue blue sky!!!).

Though arriving in Lisboa has not been the most enthusiastic moments of my life because my luggage didn’t appear at the belt. They lost it!

I couldn’t believe it at first because these are the kinds of horror stories that you hear from others only. It only happen to other people! So I kept sitting there, waiting, waiting and waiting. And finally as the passengers from the next flights chaotically filled the place, harrowing about the belt, I realised my poor luggage didnt follow me thru my flight.

Sigh. So I had to lodge a report. There’s a file open on my poor grey missing luggage.

It still didnt dawn much to me of what the inconviniences it will be causing to me. As I took the taxi from the airport to my meeting place (Yep, I had to rush. Ponytail. Make up free. Pullover. Jeans. I look shit!) I had a mind zap of my favourite things hidding in my luggage somewhere out there. CUE suits. Dermalogica. Bobbi Brown. Black sexy heel. Tiny tote. Brand New Perfume. Krestase. Loccitaine. Chargers. Cable. Story books. Diary. MEDICINE!!! Fav PJ and the list goes on and on :(

All of my favourite things. How can I buy em again?

Sob sob sob.

Nevertheless, I proved that I am a real survival. I went straight to customer meetings then to dinner with customers. And the next day with entire stretch of customer meetings till late evening. Then hopped on to catch the flight out back to Brussels.

I am volatile!

I did all this in just a pullover and jeans. But the worst thing is that is it not the cleanest pullover I had on. I wore it to the bar the other night so I have a smoky scent all over me. Well, i thought there will be time to be at the hotel to freshen up before the appointments.

Man, the constant stress was that… I hope I was not smelling too bad? I was even becoming paranoid by jumpin off my seat everytime the taxi driver wind down his window… err I wonder.

Till Monday, my luggage is still nowhere to be found.

But I think this has come to the ultimatum where I could manage. I had no shampoo at home and had to use the bath gel to wash my hair. Yikes, this pisses me off a great deal as now my already very thin hair is sticking out everywhere. I need a haircut!!!

Can’t explain enough to the airline what damages a lost luggage can do to a girl like me :(

I guess, I am still a city girl afterall…

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