I've got the sun in my eyes


Berne, Switzerland

Man, I am a true technical tourist. But I’m so exhausted!!! Can I complain?

When I first arrived at Geneva, I barely could notice my surroundings. I just dragged along my poor feet out of the plane, to the train. In 2 hours, I arrived in Berne. (Consequences of saturday night out which landed me in bed at 9.30am on Sunday!!!)

Wow, its beautiful!. It gave me a very dreamy and romantic feel. The hotel I was in – Bellevue was fantastic. High ceiling with grand elaborated victorian finishing. The room was small but i really feel at home with it!

Well, I was so tired that during the 3 days, I’ve only been in my room or in the meeting room. Call me boring.

One of the nights, our nice hosts organised a ‘Swiss’ nite out. We went walking around the old town. We went inside the first clock tower of Berne. The cute lady who speaks in tunes as she sways side way told us about the history of Berne. Indeed, its a city built during the medieval time. She showed us the mechanism of the clock, how it works with every 5 mins to the hour, the jester will play, the cocks will run around crowing and the old man will tinkle on his wine glass.

There’s a man who lives around the corner, he’ll come up to the tower to wind up the clock everyday!

I guess, the city of Berne is really proud of this legacy.

Berne has only a population of 140k. Its free of traffic jam. Its free of air polution. The air is just fresh, clear and with spring just arriving, it makes my imagination of flower trails floating in the air.

There is also a museum of Albert Einstein. I just saw its shadow gleaming under the moonlight, across the green river behind my hotel.

It was a good trip though tiring. I ate well, I worked hard, I let breathe in the beauty of Berne into me…

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