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Team Building @ Villars, Swiss

Like I said, we went for our teambuilding. All 60 people from the commercial teams. Including the foreign offices. And we had a blast of time. Skiing. Eating. Drinking. No laptops. How could it be better for a teambuilding? :)

Well, it was a mix-mix trip. Why? We rough it out by making our journey with a 12hours coach ride. Though we had a captain, an open bar (where we emptied the drinks at the 6th hour), 4 very bad movies, a toilet and a poker table which ran for 10 hours. Yep, all on board…

Then we arrive at the tiny town of Villars. Its a such a pretty place! Picturesque! We room-shared in a typical swiss chalet.

They even organised a ski instructors for people like me. Beginners. He was really a good instructor. I skied before but last year I had a bad fall because I just keep going on faster and faster, couldn’t stop, then crashed! You should have seen the look splattered on my face when I just kept pickin the speed. I think it would have made thru to the America Funniest.

Nevertheless, this time, I really had a good guidance. I could ski! I only fell once 😉

Just that, you should see the little chaps. Those kids put us to shame man!

But they were awww, so adorable that they make my heart flipped and moist like a hot chocolate brownie waiting to be poke on to let out the heavenly melted chocolate.

Ok, ok I feel like eating that now. That’s why for that description.

In the night, we had a team-fondue-dinner. THough I choose the fish dish instead as I still couldnt accept the fact that I will only have bread and pungent cheese the entire night.

After dinner, all of us flocked down the street together hunting for a cool bar to hang out. There was none. THe only bar alive is a hard.core.biker bar. Though I guess no one mind it at all if the beer just taste the same. At 11pm, we hurried down to a club which was said to ‘just open’.

Naturally, we dominated the place. But we had a really a blast.

There’s a pole in the middle of the dance floor and somehow somewhere, people had the impression that I am a pole dancer (just because I learnt the flemish word – paal dansen) and embarassingly, I was being carried up onto that pole couple of times.

NgaH! Maybe I should pick up the dance to live up to the said reputation :)

The night ended late but I suprised myself by waking up very early and puttin on my boots for 2nd day of skiing. I think I am really getting a flair of it 😉

Next winter I will put myself to a week’s course so that I will be shameless besides those brats.

And I will get me self my nice one-piece black/orange strip ski suit. Bah, women!

Just before I left for the 12 hour bus ride back to brussels, my ski instructor’s last words were, “see you again. i will think of you”. ????? hehehaha

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